The Team

Dentist and Orthodontist (Univ. Javeriana De Bogotá)
Member of the Colombian Society of Orthodontics
Member of the World Federation of Orthodontics
Association member.

General Dentist, University Institution Colegios De Colombia (Unicoc) With Emphasis In Periodontics And Oral Surgery.

Specialist in health quality management and auditing. (Universidad Tadeo Lozano, Bogota)
Dentistry, Universidad el Bosque, Bogota.

Periodontist and Endodontics Specialist.

Dentistry, Metropolitan University.

Orthodontics Specialist.
Dentistry, Universidad San Martín, Barranquilla.

Integral Dentistry - U. San Martin

Diplomative Aesthetic Dentistry and Smile Design - U. Rafael Nuñez

Undergraduate: Metropolitan University
Postgraduate: Universidad del Bosque

Undergraduate: Javeriana University
Postgraduate: Santo Tomás University

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